MGA offers a variety of services starting with free TuneLand member advice. Since 2004 TuneLand has had its own on-line meeting place helping audiophiles tune in their systems. Anyone interested in tuning their home, A/V or pro system can go straight to the source to gain the knowledge needed to obtain the sound they desire through variable tuning.
Large room and hall design consultations are available along with our perfect pitch room acoustical program that allows the client to have their room tuned to pitch and ambient response time.

Studio voicing is available by hour, day or project rates. We do tuning for both home and pro systems. Live and studio acoustical tuning (pre and post) can be scheduled in coordination with studio time needs. Sound stage voicing for both home and pro need to be done with MGA products or "tuning approved" product for best results.
We are currently voicing wood for custom projects including the "Tunable Room". If you desire MGA to design and tune your room please note the cure time schedules as we do not rush drying and curing times. We're building in Las Vegas at present and recommend you take advantage of the city's excellent evaporative conditions.