RT Squares

The RT Square is the most flexible on-wall product ever. The full range design allows the listener to control their room with confidence. RT Squares use the same award-winning construction as the RoomTune TunePak shaped for one size fits all design concept.
Acoustical Balance

Balancing the acoustics of a room can be challenging. Having a constant can be very helpful in finding that perfect balance leading to great sound. RT Squares are designed to be used flush mounted to the wall, providing a very neutral, even sound by reducing distortion caused by energy accumulation in the room's pressure zones.
Versatile Sizes

Hard to beat the size of the RT Square for blending acoustical control with out of sight, out of mind thinking. Because of RoomTune's powerful full range abilities, sitting in an echo-distorted type room is a thing of the past.
Live Side Burn Side
acoustical fabric RoomTune filler
barricade panel acoustical fabric
  RT Square (12" x 12")

Designed as a flush wall mounted product that brings all the attributes of RoomTune to an easy to use size. The RT Square can be placed anywhere there is too much acoustical energy build up.
  RT XLT (12" x 24")

The RT XLT was designed with the same function in mind as the RT Square but with double the acoustical control for the most demanding rooms.
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