RT Select

RoomTune Select combines style with performance. The full range Selects fit in any high end room and correct the acoustical problems that lead to distortion. RoomTune's acoustical leather is very neutral sounding and perfectly complements the sound energy burning material inside.
Select TunePak

The RTS TunePak consists of 4 CornerTunes, 2 EchoTunes and 4 TuneStrips, just like the RT TunePak. As with all the RoomTune products you can buy the Selects in sets or individually.
Select Squares

RTS Squares look stunning. The world's #1 acoustical pillow product has taken a step up in style and functionality. The RTS comes in the Room In A Box set as well as individually.
Live Side Burn Side
acoustical fabric RoomTune filler
barricade panel acoustical fabric
Select CornerTune

Select EchoTune

Select TuneStrip

Select RT Square

Select RT XLT

Three Acoustical Leather Choices