RoomTuneART takes acoustical control to a new level by integrating the performance of RoomTunes legendary designs with the aesthetic statement of fine art. The audio industry has given these art products the nickname "TuneART."

The DecoTune is designed as a wall-mounted acoustical treatment or a floorstanding portable panel. The DecoTune is a powerful soundstaging tool, providing full-range control that removes acoustical distortion and allows your system to perform at its optimum.

  RoomTuneART On Wall  
RTA DTWM (wall mount) are 12" x 36" x 1.75"
Panel is raised .25" off wall, allowing laminar sound waves to be trapped and burned by the TuneART design.
-- wall

  DecoTune FS Panel  
RTA DTFS (floor stander) are 12” x 36” x 1.75” (bases raise Dts 3”)

The DecoTune has a live side (the ART side) and a burn side (the fabric covered side). It performs both a barrier/reflective and a distortion absorbing function, and is very effective in fine tuning your system’s focus and soundstage.

Typically the Art side will face into the room. Enjoy experimenting with unlimited placement options.
Pressure Zone origins can be found in the corners and mid wall points of the room. It is best to treat these areas before any other sound producing areas.
RoomTuneART comes in a variety of artistic designs, including both solid colors and patterns. Each TuneART piece is individually painted.