RoomTune Acoustical Treatment

RoomTune is an acoustical pillow designed to be more effective than other available treatments. It uses a barricade system instead of only direct absorption. This reduces room distortion allowing the sound waves to develop accurately, and creates a more life-like presentation of the music.
Acoustical Problems

Rooms are basically acoustical amplifiers that cannot be removed from the audio system equation. Treating a room will make or break a system's sound. As acoustical energy builds up in a room, it gathers in key areas called "pressure zones." Pressure zones left untreated, or over-absorbed, will throw a room's sound out of balance, preventing you from hearing the potential of your audio system.
RoomTune Solutions

RoomTune is specifically designed to be "not too much" and "not too little." By placing the pillows directly where the pressure zones originate, typically with the burn side facing the wall, the room will become far more balanced allowing the room and system together to perform accurately.
Live Side Burn Side
The carefully designed live side keeps the music in the room sounding natural.
RoomTune burning filler is full range controlling the entire frequency spectrum
  CornerTune (15" x 15" x 15")

Designed to control the upper corners of rooms from 8' to 14' tall

  EchoTune (10" x 16")

Designed to control mid seams at wall and ceiling intersections as well as spot treating.

  TuneStrip (8" x 48")

Designed to control main corners and anywhere major room control is desired.

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