RoomTune acoustical treatments debuted in the fall of 1989 as the first on-wall / floor standing combo, designed to control the main sound pressure areas (pressure zones) that accumulate in all rooms. The unique live side / burn side design allowed listeners to tune in the sound stage and increase dynamic range far past previous levels of performance.
MGA's family of products incorporated the three basic elements of audio (acoustical, electrical, and mechanical) into a method that would allow the listeners to tune in any part of the audio chain. These designs according to The Absolute Sound and Positive Feedback magazines started what was to be known as high end audio's "Tuning Revolution".
The Tunable Room became the next chapter in the advancement of high end listening. With all of the wood used (in the internal or surface walls) being voiced and cured with the same process as acoustical instruments, the music detail and realism is spectacular, throwing the sound stage far beyond the room's walls with the impact of life-size performances.
MGA is proud to be standard in the music industry and to have been and continue to be a part of the state of the art in our field. It's nice to be in good company and to have served some of the world’s most successful business organizations, learning institutions, and of course the music world's finest.